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Zhou Xiaoming

Dentist Specialization

Capable of operating the Digital Ceramic Reconstruction (CEREC), a digital dental restoration system for precise diagnosis, captures any type of dental defects. With the aid of the system, director Dr. Zhou can perform excellent minimally invasive dental restoration. With a warm heart and enjoying his dental career, Dr. Zhou Xiaoming has successfully more than 5000 patients with his unique dental skills


Brief Introduction

Dr. Zhou is graduated from Nanchang University School of Stomatology and he also studied at the Tokyo Medical Dental Hospital, Japan and Medical School of West China Union University. Zhou gained valuable experience and knowledge for 2 decades working at high end dental hospitals. Due to his expertise, he has won the United States Noble Biocare Dental Implant Competition. He participated in many large domestic and foreign oral symposiums and showcased his successful treatments. In 2014, Zhou was invited to participate in the "First Global Aesthetic Dentistry Masters summit." Believe in "care about their patients" to share his core value of being an ethical, trustworthy and core values of being a dentist. His friendly, cheerful, attention to details and professionalism personal trait has led him to attract customers love and trust.